It’s World Toilet Day!

20 Nov

Service in Action

By Erica Gwynn, Water and Sanitation Area of Focus Manager

On 19 November, Mali celebrates the anniversary of yestheir liberation from President Modibo Keita’s power.  In Puerto Rico, 19 November marks the day Columbus discovered the island nation.  There is only one holiday, however, that is recognized and celebrated globally on 19 November: World Toilet Day.

Why do we need a day for toilets? It’s 2015 and 2.4 billion people still do not have adequate sanitation: 1 billion people defecate in the open.  According to the United Nations,  poor sanitation and hygiene are at the heart of the world’s leading disease and malnutrition issues. Still, the subject of sanitation continues to receive little media attention and the current level of prioritization for world leaders is still far from what is needed, given the scale and impact of the sanitation crisis.

Much like the rest of the world, Rotarians are recognizing the limited impact…

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