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Rotaract members are committed to preventing diseases

31 Dec

Source: Rotaract members are committed to preventing diseases


Rotaract members are committed to preventing diseases

31 Dec

Service in Action

By Jessie Dunbar-Bickmore, RI Programs staff

Rotaract clubs around the world are dedicated to making their communities healthier. Here are just a few examples of how Rotaract clubs are improving their communities through disease prevention and treatment projects:

The Breakfast Revolution

As a club of doctors and medical students, the Rotaract Club of the Caduceus in India leveraged their core skills with the support from Rotary clubs, partner Rotaract clubs, community organizations, and local governments to address the growing problem of malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and anemia among children. They provided highly nutritious, affordable, and good tasting meals through a sustainable supplementary food program including regular medical check-ups for beneficiaries. Fundraising, corporate partnerships, and innovative supply chain management has allowed the club to cover 75-85% of the cost, making the program affordable and highly accessible within the community.

Rotaract East Africa Impact Project (REACT 2014)

Diarrheal diseases are spread through contaminated…

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5 amazing projects on Rotary Showcase

30 Dec

Experience the magic of Rotary at Colombia’s first project fair

29 Dec

Service in Action

By PDG Sonia Uribe, District 4271; Chair of the 2016 Colombia Project Fair

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to Colombia’s first project fair on 5 -7 February 2016. Our event will be hosted in Cartagena de Indias, the most beautiful city in the Caribbean.

Clubs from Districts 4271 and 7281 will be exhibiting service projects seeking international support. Come experience magical Cartagena, learn about our service efforts, and build lifelong friendships within the Rotary family. Event information and registration is available online.


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How your year-end gift to the Foundation does a world of good

24 Dec

Rotary at work – we are “this close” to ending polio

22 Dec

Circa 1200 - Rotary Mid Wessex

The following article was first published in the “View from Lyme Regis” newspaper, and in 13 sister newspapers around Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Our thanks to the newspaper group, Pulmans and in particular to MD and Editor, Philip Evans, for kindly agreeing to promote this superb Rotary achievement and of course, Rotary itself.

It is perhaps not widely known that Rotary has played a leading role in helping to reduce polio worldwide by 99 percent since its first project to vaccinate 6 million children in the Philippines in 1979. Then, in 1985, Rotary launched an initiative called PolioPlus to free the entire world from polio, by the mass vaccination of children.

IMG_0379Many will remember family and friends stricken with this debilitating disease and the considerable life changes endured by its victims. At its height, polio had paralysed or killed up to half a million people a year before a vaccine…

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How Rotary made Jose’s high school graduation possible

22 Dec

My Rotary Youth Exchange year in Canada

19 Dec

Rotarians addressing mental health

17 Dec

Source: Rotarians addressing mental health

Rotarians addressing mental health

17 Dec

Service in Action

By Rita Aggarwal, Rotary Club of Nagpur, India; Rotarian Action Group for Mental Health Initiatives Board of Directors

Priyanka had been feeling depressed since she was in Grade 9, but did not understand her predicament. Her grades were falling, she was losing interest in friends, getting irritated and sleeping a lot. She was skipping school more often, crying alone and contemplating suicide often. When she failed Grade 9, she was brought in for counseling and recommended treatment for depression. Many children like Priyanka suffer from depression, often undetected until the point of crisis.

Rani was in constant conflict with her husband and wanted to die of shame and humiliation because he often accused her of having illicit affairs with other men. Out of sheer disgust, frustration and a strong urge to end her life, she came in for counseling as a last-ditch effort. She was informed that her husband suffered…

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