Rotarians addressing mental health

17 Dec

Service in Action

By Rita Aggarwal, Rotary Club of Nagpur, India; Rotarian Action Group for Mental Health Initiatives Board of Directors

Priyanka had been feeling depressed since she was in Grade 9, but did not understand her predicament. Her grades were falling, she was losing interest in friends, getting irritated and sleeping a lot. She was skipping school more often, crying alone and contemplating suicide often. When she failed Grade 9, she was brought in for counseling and recommended treatment for depression. Many children like Priyanka suffer from depression, often undetected until the point of crisis.

Rani was in constant conflict with her husband and wanted to die of shame and humiliation because he often accused her of having illicit affairs with other men. Out of sheer disgust, frustration and a strong urge to end her life, she came in for counseling as a last-ditch effort. She was informed that her husband suffered…

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