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West Africa Project Fair exhibits the power of Rotary

29 Jan

Source: West Africa Project Fair exhibits the power of Rotary


West Africa Project Fair exhibits the power of Rotary

29 Jan

Service in Action

By Dr. John Philips, Past District Governor of District 1040 and Chairman International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctors

Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes bring the best out of Rotarians. We roll up our sleeves, rattle tins, raise money and deliver support, care and assistance.

When a Rotarian colleague recently told me he was disappointed with the outcome of his club’s emergency assistance efforts to another country some years ago, I was not surprised. “Our results were most unimpressive. The disaster relief help we had provided was a gut reaction, unplanned, disorganized, and driven by the international community” he told me.

Historically, developed countries have often tried to impose their own solutions for challenges faced by developing countries. We can stop this through Rotary.

A few years back, I saw a large wooden box in a hospital in Tanzania. The box contained an x-ray machine donated by a North American…

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Surefire ways to welcome new members

29 Jan

How to be a global Rotarian in a few easy steps

27 Jan

2016 Economic Development Presidential Conference to develop solutions for community growth

26 Jan

Source: 2016 Economic Development Presidential Conference to develop solutions for community growth

Why use e-learning?

23 Jan

WHO’s new director of polio eradication: the end is in sight

22 Jan

Incoming district governors eager to serve humanity

19 Jan

What do we mean by vocation, anyway?

16 Jan

2016 Presidential Conference on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene to help address WASH concerns

14 Jan

Service in Action


By PDG Chit Lijauco, District 3820, and member of the Presidential Conference on WASH organizing committee

It’s interesting to watch how the same problem can manifest itself in different ways. Take water, for instance. As I visited different club projects when I was a district governor of District 3820, Philippines, I observed that water was a concern all over my vast district composed of urban and rural areas, mountains and islands. In urban areas, the problem was not so much water supply as its potability, cleanliness and sanitation. Within rural communities, water supply becomes more and more critical. In both situations, the health of the local community is compromised.

We have many examples of clubs addressing water, sanitation, and hygiene issues throughout our district. The town of Candelaria is mountainous, with many small communities scattered in the highlands. With an increase in population and the natural supply of water like…

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