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Need a great education project for your club?

13 Jan

Rotary Voices

Students and teachers Students and teachers from one of the participating schools.

By Quentin Wodon

Last month, I had the pleasure of serving as an essay judge for a great program that strengthened the writing, research, and presentation skills of hundreds of high school seniors in the Washington D.C. area. The College and Career Senior Challenge, organized by the nonprofit One World Education, is a great example of a nonprofit working collaboratively with a public school district to achieve wonderful results for students. My club is thinking of putting together a global grant to expand this project, and would love the support of additional clubs, so let me explain how our effort works.

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A Rotary Passage to India

11 Jan

Rotary Voices

By David Goodstone, Rotary senior writer

As a writer, I’m always looking for metaphors and similes, especially in unfamiliar places, searching for the right phrase to tell a story.

On my first Rotary trip to India with Rotary Polio Ambassador Minda Dentler, the story I was seeking to tell was the work of Rotary members and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. My task was easy. For in India’s sights, objects, and even signs, rich metaphors are abundant.

Take this sign on the back of a ubiquitous Tata truck: “Obey the Traffic Rules.”

160108_trucks Tata truck in India

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What 30-Somethings need to know about Rotary

7 Jan

Rotary Voices

The Central Ocean Toms River Rotary Club enjoys the in person interaction during a club meeting, The Central Ocean Toms River Rotary Club during a recent meeting.

By Michael Bucca, a member of the Rotary Club of Central Ocean Toms River, New Jersey, USA

You might think that I, a 32-year-old member of a 110-year-old organization, would be preoccupied with trying to modernize my club’s way of doing things. But remarkably, my experience in Rotary is teaching me to spend more energy convincing my generation – which keeps trying to reinvent everything – that there is much to be gained in the lost art of personal connection.

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Immerse yourself in international service by attending the Uniendo America Project Fair

6 Jan

Source: Immerse yourself in international service by attending the Uniendo America Project Fair

Immerse yourself in international service by attending the Uniendo America Project Fair

6 Jan

Service in Action

By Wendy Ayestas, District 4250; Chair of the Uniendo America Project Fair 2016

Projects fairs are the basis of new relationships for Rotary clubs engaged in helping their communities develop and cover basic needs that have not yet been met. Imagine communities with schools lacking learning materials, hungry and shoeless students walking miles to attend school, babies dying because their mothers did not have access to prenatal or postnatal care, communities without toilets or sewer systems or potable water, and adults without jobs or access to funds to start their own business or grow crops. We can help our neighbors by taking action, building partnerships, and sponsoring international project presented at a project fair.

Project fairs are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in international service. After all, this is what we look for when we join Rotary: opportunity for service through friendship!

The 2016 Uniendo America Project Fair will…

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Your favorite stories from 2015

2 Jan

Source: Your favorite stories from 2015

Your favorite stories from 2015

2 Jan

Service in Action

By Azka Asif, RI Programs Staff

As we head into the New Year, we’re taking a look at back at 2015. Here are your five favorite stories from this past year (based on views):

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3 secrets of Rotaract

1 Jan

Rotary Voices

Fernanda Moraes entertain child Rotaractor Fernanda Luz Moraes entertains a child during a club outing. Happiness, she says, is an essential part of Rotaract.

By Fernanda Luz Moraes, president of the Rotaract Club of Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

When I began participating in Rotaract in 2012, I viewed it as a way to spend my weekends doing something good in my community. But then I realized it is so much more than that.

I have met many other members of Rotaract who have a hard time explaining the passion that comes over them for doing volunteer work. The best way I can put it is this: We think globally, then act locally.

I want to change the world, and in order to make it happen, I know I need to develop my

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