Empowering disabled teens and adults through Rotary Community Corps

31 Mar

Service in Action

By Kam Breitenbach, a member of the Rotary Club of Parker, Colorado, USA, and advisor to the Parker Rotary Community Corps

In Douglas County, Colorado and many counties in the United States, the school district finishes educating those with disabilities when they turn 21 years of age. How can this population integrate into their community and experience the joy of giving to others? This is where Rotary can impact their lives through a Rotary Community Corps!

The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) of Parker is for disabled teens and adults in Parker, Colorado and surrounding communities. This service oriented RCC aims to help a population of special needs teens become a part of their community, have a purpose, and learn leadership skills while making new friends. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Parker, the RCC is the first of its kind and serves as a model for other communities interested in engaging people with…

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