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What can we learn from inspiring Women of Action?

18 Mar

Rotary Voices

160307_wodon_iwdBy Quentin Wodon

Rotary is about service and fellowship. While some value fellowship the most, others place the emphasis on service as the defining characteristic of their Rotary experience. I tend to belong to the second group. I believe in the importance of thinking through the design of our service projects to ensure they have a lasting and measurable impact on those we are trying to help.

That is why I am excited about an upcoming event for International Women’s Day that will feature two

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5 concerns facing professional women today

17 Mar

Rotary Voices

Clara MontanezBy Clara Montanez, a member of the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., USA

Women are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, supporters, even a shoulder to cry on. Yet women still earn less than their male counterparts. In my field, women comprise maybe 12 percent of all financial advisers. Women need to feel there is a support group, a sisterhood, they can go to for help.

And that is why it is important for us to celebrate this special day, International Women’s Day. Motherhood is one of the most important roles a woman can have. But it can be an isolating role in

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Touching lives in Honduras

16 Mar

Rotary Voices

Woman turns on light A woman in Chaguiton, Honduras, pulls the string to turn on her new ceiling light.

By Neal Beard, Rotary Club of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, USA

Since 2006, I have traveled to Honduras on numerous occasions as part of a village electrification project organized by the Rotary Club of Lawrenceburg and our Rotary district. The Rotary Club of Madison, Alabama, has also been working with us in the same area for about nine years, doing incredible work delivering healthy burning Eco-Stoves, eye clinics, and dental clinics.

Last year, I wired this lady’s home for electricity (photo at right). All she wanted was one light bulb to illuminate her kitchen. On her first attempt the string broke. I had to repair it and let her try again.

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Rotary Peace Fellows poised to change the world

15 Mar

Rotary Voices

Peace Fellows at the 2015 Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil. Peace Fellows at the 2015 Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil.

By Teree Bergman

When I was an undergraduate, one of my professors expressed the interesting idea that scholars should stop studying the causes of war. He suggested that conflicts occur all the time and that the natural state is war. He proposed that we should be studying the causes of peace, as that is the less common situation.

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Making an impact through Rotary Community Corps

15 Mar

By Jerry Olson, Rotary Community Corps chairman for District 3850 (Philippines) and past president of the Rotary Club of Metro Roxas Central Originally featured on Rotary Voices When then President…

Source: Making an impact through Rotary Community Corps


Making an impact through Rotary Community Corps

15 Mar

Service in Action

By Jerry Olson, Rotary Community Corps chairman for District 3850 (Philippines) and past president of the Rotary Club of Metro Roxas Central

Originally featured on Rotary Voices

When then President-elect M.A.T. Caparas, the only RI president from the Philippines, introduced the Rotary Community Corps (RCC) program in 1985, I’ll bet he didn’t envision the effect it would be having on the world today.

His vision for RCC’s has improved the quality of life in villages, neighborhoods, and communities all over the world. There are now around 8,000 RCC’s in over 90 countries.

RCC’s are not made up of Rotary members. They are people living in their communities. They may be farmers, tricycle drivers, or even retired people. But they hold one thing in common – they each are committed to their community’s long-term development and self-sufficiency.

As a Rotary member, we are only here to help you form a RCC…

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Creating peace in Myanmar

4 Mar

Rotary Voices

Rachel Hall Beecroft with local Myanmar youth Rachel Hall Beecroft with local youth on a field visit to Hpa-An, Karen State.

By Rachel Hall Beecroft, Rotary Peace Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia

I looked around me at the faces of these change makers and felt overwhelmed by happiness, power, and positivity. These everyday people were coming together for a shared cause — peace. They were giving up aspects of their life to become something greater than themselves alone. They were contributing, they were committing, and most importantly, they were changing the world around them.

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Rotary Peace Fellows unite in Oslo

1 Mar

Rotary Voices

Rotary Peace Fellows in Oslo Rotary Peace Fellows in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo, Norway.

By Lucienne Heyworth, a Rotary Peace Fellow at Uppsala, and Yuko Maeno, a Peace Fellow at University of Bradford

This year has been a momentous one for Rotary Peace Fellows at the Bradford and Uppsala Peace Centers. For the first time, 18 peace fellows met in the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway, for a three day program in January including action packed and ‘peace centered’ information and entertainment that left us enlightened. The purpose of this trip was to develop further collaboration between the two peace centers and to learn about Norway’s peace-building efforts.

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