Taking action to end modern day slavery

13 May

Service in Action

By Zuhal Sharp, Rotary Programs Staff

“At age 13, Angela ran away from home to escape family members’ alcoholic rages and abuse. After a night without shelter she got into a car with a man who promised love, then sold her for sex countless times before her 16th birthday. Rachel – whose mother was incapacitated and whose father committed suicide – said her choice at 15 years old was to sleep on a park bench and eat from a trash can or to say yes to the middle-aged man who first offered her money for a sex act. Their stories of isolation, brutal violence, and sadness aren’t unique or far away.”

Carol Hart Metzker, a member of Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery (RACSRAG) shares what led her to take action against modern day slavery. Read the complete story in The Rotarian.

According to the Global Slavery Index, an estimated…

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