Providing service through Rotary Fellowships

7 Jun

Service in Action

By Ralf Ludewig, Chair of the Fellowship of Rotarian Marathon Runners

The Fellowship of Rotarian Marathon Runners (IMFR) was founded in France in 2006. The initial idea for forming the fellowship came after the very first group of Rotarian runners formed a team that took part in the Paris Marathon of 2005, with more than 200 Rotarians running for Rotary. The founding of IMFR was celebrated in October of 2006 in Berlin, Germany during the Berlin Marathon. Since then, IMFR has taken part in many marathons around the world (New York, London, Paris, Australia, Vienna, Rome and many more). This year we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in Budapest, Hungary this October!

I’ve been a member of IMFR since the very first team in Berlin and I’ve never regretted the decision. I’ve met many Rotarians from all parts of the world and our fellowship events are always a lot of…

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