Learn from area of focus experts in Rotary discussion groups

19 Aug

Service in Action

By Chelsea Mertz, Rotary Service Connections Staff

Rotary discussion groups offer a place for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Rotary Peace Fellows, and alumni to share their experiences and ideas with members of the Rotary family from around the world.

We invited experts from the Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers, a group of volunteer Rotarians who provide technical expertise and advice to Rotarians planning and carrying out Rotary projects, to moderate the area of focus discussion groups from 1 July until 30 September. Whether you are looking to pursue a global grant, or learn how to do a community assessment, our experts are here to answer your questions and guide discussions on the most pertinent topics.

Meet our moderators and click the link join the conversation:

Basic Education and Literacy (BEL)

  • PDG Sylvia Byers (Rotary Club of Mosman Park-Cottesloe, Australia) is an educator currently involved in using technology to provideā€¦

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