Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what would you do?

19 Oct

Service in Action

Your club is formalizing a partnership with a local organization. Since the organization’s work aligns well the work of your club and Rotary, the partnership is highly beneficial. A member of your club with experience working with the organization is very passionate about the partnership. As you spearhead the relationship, the club member is constantly monitoring partnership progress. Although you are doing as much as you can, the club member expects you to do a lot more and is not satisfied with how things are moving along. The member has even made calls to the organization to check on the progress, and your partnership liaisons from the organization have complained that the member is being pushy. As this is a very important partnership, you want to maintain your club’s image and ensure the partnership develops into a successful one.

While you appreciate your fellow member’s passion, what would you do?

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