Serving Haiti in times of need

2 Nov

Service in Action

By Jack Guy Lafontant, President Rotary Club of Petion-Ville, Haiti                                     

One week before we saw monstrous Hurricane Mathew, approaching our country  Haiti, members of the Rotary Club of Petion-Ville started to make survival kits. After an emergency committee meeting, our club decided to send a delegation composed of myself and our club Foundation chair, Jean-Herve Landrin, to the regions struck by disaster.

On Saturday, 8 October, three days after the hurricane hit, Jean-Herve and I took the road to Les Cayes as soon as there was an opening on the River of Petit-Goave, which had been blocked by a collapsed bridge. We left the capital of Port-au-Prince with trucks filled with survival kits. Since there were rumors of armed gangs, attacking trucks going into Les Cayes with relief supplies in the area…

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