Celebrating Rotary’s youngest leaders!

6 Nov

Service in Action

By Molly Friend, Rotary Programs for Young Leaders Staff

Youth Service recognizes the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through leadership development programs like Interact. Every year, Interact Clubs take action to make a positive difference in their communities through service projects.

Join us as we celebrate 54 years of service and leadership through Interact! Now through 2 December, Rotary is accepting videos for the 8th annual Interact Video Awards. Below are five reasons you should encourage Interactors in your community to create a video showing how they have fun while making a difference:

1) Raise awareness

1Communities around the world face issues like homelessness, inequality, or climate change. By encouraging young people to use their voice through video, together you can help bring awareness to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Highlight how Interact clubs take action to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to…

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