A new approach to Rotary Club meetings

28 Nov

Service in Action

By Helen Reisler and Andreas Runggatscher, members of the Rotary Club of New York

Our club, the Rotary Club of New York has always been notable for its international flavor and association with the United Nations. The club played an essential role in building support during the UN’s formidable years, and in soliciting New York City for its permanent headquarters.

Thousands of Rotarians from around the world have visited the Rotary Club of New York’s luncheon meetings over the past 107 years. In fact, one of the very first flag exchanges between clubs from different countries took place at the club’s meeting. The club also boasts a substantial list of UN Ambassadors that are honorary members of Rotary. Paul Harris even dubbed our club the “Host Club of America!”

Because of this history, the Rotary Club of New York and its foundation hosts a monthly international breakfast meeting at the…

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