Growing membership through service

22 Aug

Service in Action

By Julie Aubry, Regional Membership Officer at Rotary International

What is Rotary?

“I have no idea.”

“That’s a type of phone, right?”

“Oh, I’ve heard of Rotary. I don’t know what they do though.”

The statements above aren’t uncommon when we ask non-members if they know what Rotary is. We know there’s a lack of awareness in our communities; some parts of the world have been seeing a decline in membership. How can we expect clubs to grow if people don’t know who we are?

I’ve been volunteering since I was a child. I thank my parents and local church for fostering my commitment to service. And yet, having an interest in service from a young age, I never knowingly encountered Rotary throughout middle school, high school, university, and all the way into my late twenties. How did I make it that far without knowing anything about Rotary? While we…

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