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How simple schools are helping children in Ghana

29 Sep

Rotary Voices

Children in Abansere wanting a school to call their own.

By Walter Hughes, a member of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA, and a 2013 Rotary Champion of Change

Have you ever wished as a Rotarian that you could do something to help educate a child? Have you ever dreamed that a child could start their education at a younger age? We see children in communities all over Ghana in West Africa and realize that they should be in school.  

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How Rotarians are providing disaster relief

26 Sep

Rotary Voices

Heart to Heart medical director Rick Randolph treats a child at a mobile clinic in Florida. Photo courtesy District 5710

By Pat O’Donnell, public image chair for Rotary District 5710 (Kansas, USA)

The 45 Rotary clubs in my district have come together to support Heart to Heart International’s disaster relief efforts in Texas and Florida. Immediately after Hurricane Harvey devastated the gulf coast of Texas with over 51 inches of rain, followed by the damage caused in Florida by Hurricane Irma, our Rotary members opened their hearts and checkbooks to help.

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Why you should enter the 2017 Interact Video Awards

20 Sep

Rotary Voices

By Andrei Precup, president of the Interact Club of Constanta, Romania

We were honored to be selected as best video in last year’s Interact Video Awards. Our goal was to open people’s eyes to the need to take care of our planet and ourselves.

We were driven to take part both because it was something different from our usual activities and because the theme was so interesting (If Interactors ruled the world). I remember being at our club’s meeting when our president announced the idea of making a video. Many people were very excited. Our club likes taking on new challenges and trying things for the first time.

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In Guatemala, education for women is a privilege

17 Sep

Rotary Voices

Children at the elementary school in Carcha, Guatemala.

By Wendy Pacay, A Rotary Peace Fellow at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

When I was a child, I really enjoyed school. I lived in a small town surrounded by the rainforest. Meeting with my friends at school, playing with them, and learning from them are among my best memories. I had a lot of curiosity that drove me to discover new things from books and from my teachers. It was easy to do my homework because I liked it so much.

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Why it’s not good enough just to bring in new members

13 Sep

Rotary Voices

A club member gets a turn in the driving simulator during the Rotary Club of Brisbane’s vocational visit to the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety.

By Daniel Vankov, president of the Rotary Club of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

One of the biggest conversations around Rotary these days is membership growth. There are quite a few stories flying around and all of them provide good advice. But there is a second topic that is as important, if not more so, than membership acquisition, and that is retention. What can we do to keep these members we have worked so hard to bring in? 

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How to make the most of your year as president

8 Sep

Rotary Voices

Taking a usie, a selfie with others, during a recent club meeting.

By Kamlesh Chandan, assistant governor for District 7680 and past president of the Rotary Club of Lake Norman/Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

It was an honor to serve as the 19th president of my Rotary club this past year. It broadened my horizons and deepened my insights into our great organization of People of Action. Before the year began, I had a bold vision. I wanted to engage members, do service projects, have fun, incorporate technology, and leave members more educated about Rotary and our club. Every meeting, we took a usie (selfie with others) and shared what we were doing on social media. What did I learn from all this activity?

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The secret sauce to Rotary growth in La Crosse

7 Sep

Rotary Voices

Members of the Rotary Club of Lacrosse-After Hours mug for the camera during a recent service event.

By William Pritchard, Rotary Club of La Crosse-After Hours, Wisconsin, USA

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, and neighboring communities, we have a high number of Rotary members and clubs for our relatively small population. There are eight clubs and 500 members for a population of less than 80,000. We are well-known in our community for the things we do, from planting trees and gardens, to building parks and playgrounds. But what truly makes Rotary special in the area is our ability and interest to work together – to keep the “walls” between clubs very low so it is easy to “step over” and work together on projects.

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Attend the 2017 West Africa Project Fair in Ghana

5 Sep

Source: Attend the 2017 West Africa Project Fair in Ghana

Attend the 2017 West Africa Project Fair in Ghana

5 Sep

Service in Action

By , Chair of the West Africa Project Fair (WAPF) Host Organizing Committee

On behalf of the Host Organizing Committee for the 12th West Africa Project Fair (WAPF), I take this opportunity to invite you to attend our 2017 event in the city of Accra, Ghana,   4-11 October.

We will have nearly 50 clubs from six West African districts showcasing  a total of 200 small and large humanitarian project proposals. Together with our friends from East Africa, we will display numerous humanitarian projects categorized in six project categories. Through immersion and community visits, international visitors will experience local priorities first hand and build partnerships with local clubs to support projects that will make a significant community improvements.

As you arrive to Accra for the WAPF, you will be greeted by Rotary friends. You will share meals, experiences, and exchange ideas with nearly 1,227 Rotarians.  You will learn with wonder…

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Partnering for sustainable solutions

1 Sep

Source: Partnering for sustainable solutions