4 ways you can take action to help grow local economies

11 Nov

Service in Action

By Rotary Service and Engagement staff

According to the United Nations, nearly 2.2 billion people live below the poverty line of US $2 per day, and the world needs 30 million new jobs every year to keep up with the growth of the global working-age population. In honor of Rotary Economic and Community Development Month celebrated each October, take action within your communities to address root causes of poverty: unemployment, underemployment, lack of economic opportunity, lack of appropriate training, and the absence of social safety nets. Here are a few ideas to help grow local economies:

1) Generate income and savings

  • Partner with a local microlender to improve access to financial services and provide financial infrastructure in a community.
  • Offer training on mobile banking resources. Mobile phones, which can be used to make deposits and transfer funds, can increase access to banking systems in developing communities.

2) Empower members of your community…

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