In times of need, Rotary members work with ShelterBox to provide disaster relief

18 Nov

Service in Action

By ShelterBox and Rotary staff

When disaster strikes, Rotary’s project partner ShelterBox works closely with Rotarians and Rotaractors around the world to bring aid to families in their hour of need. The Rotary family provides vital support to ShelterBox through fundraising activities and practical assistance on the ground in the affected areas. Whether helping with logistics and transport, translation and local knowledge or acting as a link with governments and officials, the power of the Rotary network can have a massive impact on ShelterBox’s ability to operate effectively across the globe.

Below are just a few examples of how Rotary members and ShelterBox have been working together to save lives and help families and communities devastated by recent conflict and natural disasters.

Thousands affected in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, ShelterBox has been working closely with Rotary clubs from District 3282 to help support around 3000 families following widespread flooding in the north…

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