Enhancing lives through vocational service

19 Jan

Service in Action

By Sanjiv Mirchandani, member of the Rotary Club of Panaji, India

Vocational Service is an extremely important Avenue of Service through which every Rotarian can truly Make A Difference.

I joined Rotary because I wanted to be able to reach people in underprivileged communities. India has a very large population and literacy levels are still very low. I wanted to help provide people with opportunities to learn new skills so that they can either seek employment or become self-employed and earn a living for themselves.

I also wanted to help women gain skills and become financially independent so that they could not only contribute towards the betterment of their families but also have an equal standing in all spheres of life. Financial independence can be a major factor in boosting one’s confidence.

Lastly, I wanted to assist differently abled people, especially the young ones, in acquiring skills they could use…

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