Attend the 12th Multi-Club Workshop in Matera, Italy

27 Feb

Service in Action

By Leonardo de Angelis, Member of Rotary Club Ravenna, Italy and Coordinator of the Multi-Club Workshop

In 2007, the Rotary clubs of Ravenna in Italy and Stockholm Strand in Sweden decided to meet in Stockholm with other clubs to plan projects they could implement together while promoting fellowship and experiencing a new culture. They called this meeting the Multi-Club Workshop (MCW). Since then, representatives from various Rotary clubs meet every year in a European town to relive that experience.

Over the past 11 MCWs, Rotary members have been able to build relationships and implement 36 projects together, totalling approximately US $2,000,000. Between 2013 and 2016 alone, clubs from D2072 (Italy) implemented 29 global grants, 19 of which found supportive funding partners at MCWs.

The vocational expertise of Rotarians is essential to the success of projects. Many past participants of the MCW have been club presidents and/or members of their District Rotary…

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