Promoting peace alongside Palestinian community leaders

28 Feb

Service in Action

By the Rotarian Action Group for Peace

In January, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace’s (RAGFP) Executive Director, Reem Ghunaim, journeyed from the RAGFP headquarters in Portland, Oregon, to conduct a peace tour in her home country of Palestine. Reem is a Rotary Peace Fellow from the Duke-UNC Peace Center in North Carolina, USA. As a native of Palestine, she is pleased to promote positive peace-building within her community.

RAGFP’s mission of supporting Rotarian peacebuilders was both accepted and appreciated in this fragmented part of the world. Reem’s travels allowed her to build peace while bridging Rotarians and influential Palestinians including business and legislative leaders, educators and students, human rights advocates, and even a pop star.

Rotarians in Palestine are visibly active in their communities. Reem met with Rotary peacebuilders who are making a difference by undertaking infrastructure projects and serving public needs that might otherwise be neglected in…

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