Partner for success at the Multi-Club Workshop

18 Jun

Service in Action

By Leonardo de Angelis, Member of Rotary Club Ravenna, Italy and Coordinator of the Multi-Club Workshop

The search for international partners and funding is a particularly challenging step to implementing large scale global grants. Partnering with organizations with a common goal can help support projects. Through my experience with the Multi-Club Workshop, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several large-scales projects, and have helped secure international partners and funding for each one. We recently completed two global grant projects, one in Nepal and one in Zambia, which were supported by several Italian non-profit organizations (NPO). The value of these two projects went from US $99,000 to US $231,600. That means a 134% increase in project value, allowing us to make an even greater impact in their communities.

We encourage our Rotary friends to engage in collaborative relationships with NPOs interested in cooperating on important humanitarian projects. In our experience…

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